Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Take a Hike

In an effort to clear my mind and get some fresh air Brandon and I decided to take the pup hiking.  We went to church on Sunday morning and then headed to Crowder's Mountain.  Ever since I had the opportunity to backpack the Inca Trail in Peru I have adored hiking.  I love that in hiking you are always working towards some goal whether it is a destination or pinnacle.  In this case, we set out to hike to the pinnacle of Crowder's Mountain.  

The trail up was like rock climbing.  You should have seen my little mountain dog scaling those rocks.  This was her first time hiking and she LOVED it.  She is a natural, much better than her mommy.  It was a tough hike up, but the view at the top made it all worth it.  The fall leaves have fully set in down here in the south and the fall colors over the city were beautiful.  I am so thankful for the ability to hike, to enjoy the outdoors, and breathe in fresh air.  It truly is healing.

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