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Hi!  I'm Christina.  First and foremost I am a follower of Christ and I am continuously growing in my faith.  I am incredibly blessed with an amazing husband who loves me unconditionally and challenges me daily.  I have a master's degree in school counseling and I am currently a school counselor for a local middle school.  I have a passion for working with teenagers (in this case pre-teens) and young adults and I hope to be a positive influence in their lives through my career.  I am a born and raised southern girl and I order a large sweet tea whenever possible.  I am a sports junkie, especially my Wolfpack.  I am very involved in my church and love serving my God through it.  I am a hopeless romantic and love all things about love.  I love reality TV, playing softball, traveling, and spending time with my wonderful husband and our furbabies (see below).

Brandon is a genuine, caring, and funny person.  He is a true blessing to me and leader in faith every day!  He is outgoing and can establish a friendship with anyone.  He loves sports, especially football.  We share a love for the Wolfpack.  He is also a southerner by birth,but hates sweet tea (weirdo).  He has a degree in nuclear engineering, which means he is extremely smart and a little nerdy :)  He is currently working as a mechanical engineer in the nuclear field.  He is goofy and loves cutting up.  He has a contagious personality and touches the lives of everyone he meets.  He is a truly amazing husband and is continuously growing in his walk with Christ.  

 Our Furbabies
This is Piper!  We rescued her when she was 6 weeks old.  She is (we think) an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. She is just the sweetest!

 Charleigh Brown is our cat, who we rescued at 8 weeks old.  She is a gray tabby cat.  She is pretty small for a cat,but very stealthy.  She has some strange habits, but is a sweet girl.  We love our babies and treat them like our children.  Pets are such a joy!

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Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

Just found your blog from a das of southern....sure glad I did! i always try and read the 'about me' section first - I love following people that follow Christ! I'm your newest follower! yay! hope we can be new blogging buddies!

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