Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's all about sharing

 Today I am over at Petchie's Blog Book sharing a little bit about my wedding day.  She has a fun guest series about weddings.  She interviews a bride all about her special day.  It's great to see all of the different wedding styles and to hear each girl's wedding story.  So head on over there and say hi!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sharing My Story

 Hey Lovelies.  Today I am over at Amber's blog Pless Press to share my story.  She has a wonderful guest post series where she encourages women to share their stories of how the Lord is working in their lives.  I decided this would be a great place to be a little vulnerable and share about a difficult part of my life.  I really hesitated to write this, but I hope that by sharing my story it will resonate with some other women and encourage them through Christ's love.  Without further ado, go check out my story!

The difficulty of the trial you survived indicates the depth of blessing that's ahead. God TESTS you to PROMOTE you.   - Pastor Steven Furtick

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

12 days

Hello there lovelies!  I'm back!  As you read, I have been involved with a 12 day old school revival with my church called Code Orange Revival.  It was 12 amazing nights of worship and hearing from the Lord from 12 amazing pastors from across the world.  Brandon and I had the privilege to volunteer for 9 of the 12 nights.  We serve as ushers and love it.  It is such an honor to be able to usher people into seats where their lives could be changed forever.  We had planned to serve 10 nights, but Brandon got sick for two nights and then we went to the experience with our precious E-group one night.  

We have 6 campuses, but only two were open during the week for the revival.  The pastors spoke live at one and it was simulcasted to the other in live time.  We served at the overflow campus.  I cannot even begin to describe the life change that occurred over these past 12 nights.  We baptized 205 people and had countless people accept Christ as Savior.  People camped out in the freezing temperatures and rain just to get a seat in the auditorium.  We prayed together, sang together, lifted our hands in worship, and hear the Word preached in so many different styles.  

Night one: Craig Groschel taught us how to be an idiot for Christ.

Night two: Jentezen Franklin taught us how to store up mercies instead of inequities so that future generations will be blessed.

Night three: Matt Chandler taught us that God is for God

Night four: Christine Cain taught us that our due date is not the same as God's appointed time

Night five: Ed Young taught us that Jesus is our life ring, but we have to pull so the house will be full

Night six: Israel Houghton rocked the house with his worship and taught us that the "atmosphere of expectation is the breeding ground for miracles"

Night seven: Perry Noble taught us that we are blessed because of the things we have seen and heard. Oh, and we baptized 204 people!

Night eight: Stovall Weems taught us that we have to create the space for God to fill and lay hold of the moments

Night nine: Kevin Gerald taught us that our right to choose is one of the greatest gifts God offers

Night ten: Bishop TD Jakes taught us that Jesus can touch us and we can reach out for Him

Yes, someone strung up a hammock to camp out

Night eleven: James McDonald taught us that Jesus is not only holy but holy, holy, holy

Night twelve: Pastor Steven Furtick taught us that we have to turn this moment into momentum, the best is yet to come

all photos via

I wish I had taken pictures, but I was trying to focus on the Word and on serving Christ and the guests that came to Elevation.  I am so lucky though that we have an amazing production team who put together an awesome video of the revival. 12 nights in 5 minutes.  Also, they are going to release the podcasts of all of the messages tonight!!  Go HERE to download them all for FREE. Overall, it was an amazing, life changing experience!  I love being a part of this move of God.

Code Orange Revival from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Where I've Been

Sorry I haven't been very present this week in the blogging world, but I've been somewhere amazing.  No it wasn't a super exciting vacay.  I've been at church.  My church is hosting a 12 night revival called Code Orange Revival.  We have some of the best pastors in the world coming to our church to preach the Word.  I have been volunteering for the first three nights of the revival and it has been INCREDIBLE!  You can be a part of this too.  We are streaming the revival live on the Elevation Network.  Go HERE to join us in this incredible move of God.  You can catch the broadcast at 6:12 every weeknight and 4:12 on weekends through Jan. 22.  It is also rebroadcast at 10:12, 3:12 AM, and 12:12 PM.  So come on in!!  I will be back in regular blogging habits after the revival finishes!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tag, I'm It

I was tagged by Megan at and today was a fairytale.

the rules: 
1. you must post the rules
2. post eleven facts about yourself on the blog post
3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post,
 and then create eleven new questions to as the people you've tagged
4. tag eleven people and link them on your post
5. let them know you've tagged them
Eleven Facts About Me
1. I am a really picky eater, like I eat hardly zero vegetables (I know it's horrible)
2. When I get sleepy or hungry you better watch out because I become the devil.
3. I love corny jokes, they crack me up.
4. I have really big feet.  Size eleven baby!

5. I am a die-hard wolfpack fan and I despise the tarholes.
6. I hate wearing tennis shoes.  I only wear them if I am doing some sort of physical activity.
7. I hardly ever buy clothes at full-price.  I love a good bargain.

8. Brandon's nickname for me is wienerschnitzel.

9. I used to hate being a redhead, now I love it.

10. I really want to be on the Amazing Race.

11. I have a terrible sense of direction. 

Megan's Questions

1. how do you start your days?
I have to get up and get ready for work, so it's a quick shower, makeup, blowdry, clothes.  Then I take care of Piper. Take her on a walk, feed her, etc.  Then it's off to work.
2. whats your favorite movie of all time?
The Notebook, hands down.
3. name one thing you miss from the 90's.
The TV shows like every show on TGIF.

4. if you won the lottery, whats the first thing you'd do with the money?
Pay off all of our debt (student loan, car, house).

5. if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would love to live in Spain.

6. what do you want to be when you grow up?
I always wanted to be a counselor and I am so blessed that I get to do that work.
7. whats your biggest pet peeve?
When people chew their food loudly.  So irritating.
8. whats your favorite time of the year? and why
I love summer time because it's warm, no school, and I get to travel more often.

9. who's the first person you call when you need to vent?
Brandon or my mom.

10.  I think she forgot #10.

11. whats your favorite food?
steak and potatoes

My Questions
1. What is your favorite game to play?
2. What is something you do in your spare time just for yourself?
3. What is the most important trait to have in a marriage or relationship?
4. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
5. What is something you are proud of?
6. What is your favorite restaurant?
7. If you could visit one state/city in the USA what would it be?
8. What is the best present you ever received?
9. What is your favorite weekend acitivity?
10. What are you afraid of?
11. What is your favorite memory from 2011?

My tags
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mckenzie at basil
bailey at lost and found
tamara at t times three
kristina at my new wife life

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I want

Sometimes in life, well a lot of times, I feel stuck.  I feel like the selfishness of others pulls my courage down and makes me shrink.  While this is not a fun place to be, there is a positive side to these funks. Times like these make me reflect on what I want in life, about what kind of person I want to be.  It is a catalyst for the way I want to live my life.  I want to be happy.  I want so much more out of this beautiful existence the Lord has given me than an everyday life. 

I want to breathe in grace and exhale mercy. I want to say what I mean and mean what I say and NOT be afraid. I want to right my wrongs and learn from my mistakes.

 I want to cherish the small things, like laughing in bed with Brandon and making a child smile at my job. I want to hug tightly and love deeply.

I want the mindset of Christ, to just keep moving forward against opposition.

There are so many things I want in life.  I don't always know where or how to start, but I do know that life is worth more than a boring existence.  I do know that the Lord equips us with exactly what and who we need when we need it; and I do know that we get unstuck and keep moving forward in pursuit of a beautiful brokenness that we call life.  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Series: Guest Bloggers Wanted

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts.  And we are never, ever the same.
Taken by JT Photography
 Hey all you lovely people.  So, I've really been wanting to host a new series where I open up my blog to guest posting.  What is the blogosphere if not for sharing?  That being said, I've decided to start a new series called Footprints.  I know a lot of the people who read this blog are married, engaged, in love, or have significant romantic or platonic relationships that change you and make you who you are, whether they end up good or bad.  Love, marriage, relationships, and friendships are a gift from God and they change people who enter into them.  I really want to hear from you all about how the Lord has worked on you through your relationships.  This could be a friendship, a family relationship, a marriage, etc.   What relationships are most impacting in your life?  What relationships have shaped who you are as a person? If you are married, how has the Lord worked in your marriage?  What have you learned from other people and how has this person touched your life?  They may no longer be in your life, but they certainly made an impact.  You get the picture.  These are the types of stories I am looking for.  So, come on people send me those posts.  If you are interested in being a part of this series, please send me your post and pictures to cfbrown814@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing all of your great and inspiring stories!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ring Bling Link Up

C Mae is doing a fun little link up party over at her adorable blog called Bling Bling Share Your Ring!  I know it may seem a little vain but it is fun to look at everyone else's beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands.  I am so proud of my hubby for what he picked out.  My only criteria was that it had to be sparkly.  We didn't go look at rings before hand and he picked out my rock all by himself, it's perfectHere are the specs:  It is a brilliant cut diamond on a cathedral white gold setting.  1.04 carats.   If you want to read our proposal story, go HERE.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Aspirations for 2012

Here we are in 2012!  I really can't believe it.  2011 was a fabulous year, but I am excited to move into 2012 and see what the Lord has in store for us.  I am looking to make some resolutions for 2012,aren't we all, but I know that not all resolutions come to fruition, so I am calling them aspirations for sake of reality.  I have come up with 12 aspirations for 2012.

1. Make time to read the Word each day. This is part of our 21 Day Challenge which you can still join.  Today is the last day!

2. Make fitness and health a priority again.  Growing up, I was playing sports 3 seasons out of the year, but adulthood and marriage have had a negative impact on my waistline.  The Y and I are going to be best friends very soon.  Once again, you can join us in the 21 day challenge!!

3. Cook more.  Brandon and I have a terrible habit of eating out.  We spend so much money on it, it's really quite ridiculous.  Thanks to Pinterest, I am going to be a better wifey and find some yummy, but healthy recipes to cook.

4. Travel more.

5. Complete some home improvement projects.

6. Set a budget and stick to it.

7. Keep my house cleaner.  This is a big struggle when you live with Brandon and two pets.

8. More crafting.  Thank Pinterest!

9. Volunteer more.  Since I don't work over the summers I am going to try to volunteer during this time.

10.  Join a women's E-group (Bible Study).  We are already in a couple's group, but I want to join another group where I can be encouraged by other young wives and women of the Lord.
 11. Read more. 

12. Learn more about my camera and photography.

What are some of your aspirations for 2012??

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