Our Story

Brandon and I actually went to middle school together, but we did not start becoming friends until high school.  We sat together in Spanish class and developed a friendship.  During our senior year our two groups of friends started to merge and things took off.  We started flirting and finally he asked me out while sitting in my parent's den.  We went to senior prom together and ended up enrolling in the same college, NC State.  Throughout college we continued to date and fell in love.  We knew we wanted to get married and were just waiting to graduate college and become financially stable.  Brandon landed a job as an Engineer in Charlotte and I got a fellowship to UNCC to get my Master's in School Counseling.  Brandon proposed to me on September 14, 2009 and we were married August 14, 2010.  As a teenager growing up I never thought I would marry my first boyfriend, the one who was my first kiss, my first love.  Turns out, he was Mr. Right and God had him picked out for me from the beginning.  We are growing in life and in Christ together.  This blog is the story of our married life together. 

The Proposal
Brandon asked me to dinner, so we went to McAlister's to pick up some sandwiches. We then went to the nearby lake and ate. After eating, Brandon said he had some gifts for me. He pulled out a series of small boxes. Each one had a letter on top, which made no sense to me at the time. Inside every box was a slip of paper with a word or phrase of something we had done together over the years. With each box he gave me a small gift that was a reminder of that time. The first box had a "D" on it and said "Here" on the inside, which represented a date we had at that same lake two years earlier where Brandon made me chocolate-covered strawberries and bananas. With this box, Brandon handed me a Godiva chocolate-covered strawberry. The second box had a "Y" on it and had a Hallmark sticker inside. He handed me a candle, which signified the candlelight dinner Brandon cooked me for our 3 year anniversary. The next box had an "I" on it and said "First Date" inside. Our first date was to Starbucks, so he gave me a Starbucks giftcard. The fourth box had a "T" on it and the paper said "Charleston". He gave me his running number from the trip we took to Charleston for him to run the Cooper River Bridge 10K. The next box had an "O" on it. Inside said "River Rides", from the times we tubed down the Congaree River in Columbia. He handed me my innertube. The sixth box had a "T's" on it and said "NC State" from our 4 years at college together. He gave me Wolfpack car flags. The final box had an "A" on it and said "Prom" inside. He then asked me what my favorite part of prom was and after a few wrong answers I said "How you asked me", which was that he got down on one knee on Valentine's Day. He asked me to stand up and began proposing. I still didn't know what the letter on the boxes meant. We have a running joke that everything I want to do, include get engaged and married, Brandon always says "One Day". I respond "well that will be one great day!". He was proposing and said "You know how I always tell you one day we will get engaged? It's today!" I looked over and the boxes spelled out "It's Today". He asked me to marry him and I said YES!, of course. It was the perfect, sweetest proposal!

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Rosala said...

I love reading people's love stories! :) I always wonder if I'll marry someone I've known for a long time. It's interesting how God forms every story uniquely to that couple. New follower, and I think I'll take a button ;)

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