Monday, November 14, 2011

His Best Friend's Wedding

This weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate a very special occasion with our good friends, Justin and Courtney.  By a stroke of luck in 2008 Justin moved into Brandon's college apartment.  He was just the subleaser, a replacement roomie for the summer, at least that's what he thought.  Turns out, this would become one of his closest friends.  This was the summer that I was studying abroad, meeting my own close friends in my own random situation.  The Lord truly does place people in your life at a strategic time with a careful plan in place.

If you were to meet Justin and Brandon, you would think they have known each other for a very long time.  They both have such a sense of humor and are a perfect match, if you will.  When I returned from Peru that summer three years back I was introduced to this new bromance and was instantly so thankful that Brandon had met such a great friend.  Friends share such a special place in our lives.  I was also incredibly blessed to be introduced to Courtney, Justin's girlfriend at the time.  She is so sweet.  Over the past three years Brandon and I have kept in touch with Justin and Courtney.  We have had the opportunity to go to football games together, celebrate their engagement, and we even spent a long weekend at the Mangy Moose with them this summer.  We have shared their happiness through their engagement and this weekend we were so blessed to share their wedding, Brandon serving as a groomsman.

It was a perfect fall day.  The crisp breeze was blowing.  The guests looking out over the golden fields, the beautiful fall flowers contrasting the slightly grey skies.  The bride and groom were both glowing.  They said their vows in the presence of the Lord and we celebrated in an old refurbished barn.  There was laughter, there were tears of joy, and most importantly love.  Weddings are always such a great reminder of how blessed each of us is to be partnered with our mate, handpicked by the creator himself.  This particular wedding was also such a wonderful reminder of the relationships that warm our hearts.  We are so thankful to call Justin and Courtney our friends and we can't wait for more celebrations in the future.  


Ashley Slater said...

good friends are such a blessing, keep that relationship close to you! I pray that my husband and I will meet good friends once we settle in one place!


Leslie&Michael said...

That may be one of the cutest wedding receptions ever! Love it! - The Peruvian Amiga :)

Recently Roached said...

Love weddings! These pictures are wonderful :) I'm glad you guys got to see your friends!

I'm following your blog now :)

Lost&Found said...

What a beautiful wedding! It is my dream to have my wedding reception in an old, fixed up barn!

Looks like you had a great time!


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