Monday, November 7, 2011

Moving Towards Normalcy

Can I just say again how amazingly supportive my husband has been through this past week.  I don't know what I would have done without him.  This weekend, after the memorial service on Friday, he made it his mission that we would have a fun weekend.  Saturday was the unc vs. NCSU football game.  It's a game I look forward to watching every year.  After a week full of meaningless, ignorant trash talk, needless to say, the Wolfpack beat the tarholes for the fifth straight year!!  It was so exciting and I look forward to rubbing it in at Brandon's uncle's house on Thanksgiving.   

After the game we relaxed for a while and then we headed out for a night of fun and relaxation.  We first set out to go to Taco Mac, a local sports grill, to watch the LSU/Alabama game, but the wait was an hour and a half.  That being said, we headed out in search of another viewing location.  We hooked up the GPS to search for local restaurants and randomly decided to go to Hickory Tavern.  When we got to the supposed location of Hickory Tavern, there was no Hickory Tavern in sight; however, in its place was another sports bar.  We set out for a good time.  We ordered an appetizer, which we never do.  We each got a drink, which we rarely do.  We shared dinner and then ordered dessert to split.  While waiting for our dessert to come out I was thinking to myself what is the name of this restaurant again?  I look over and see the name of the restaurant  CB 7.  I was astonished.  My Popaw's name was C.B.  How is it that we randomly ended up at this restaurant out of every sports bar in the city of Charlotte?  We didn't set out to go there, no the road led us there.  It was like the Lord was speaking to me....He's still with you.

Today in church Pastor Steven preached on the breaking of the bread. He spoke about how even when you are in the breaking stage, you never leave God's hand.  Last night I truly believe the Lord was speaking to me.  Thinking about it gives me chills.  Even though the road has been weary these past few days, I am still in the Lord's hands.  Even if he has to remind me through a restaurant over chocolate cake.  

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