Friday, June 3, 2011

Remember, You're a Blessing

Today I was working at my temporary job for the day.  I am working as a testing associate during end of year testing at a school where I work directly with the testing coordinator.  Testing is a HUGE job and I have been working really hard to help her out.  Today she was talking to my mom, who also works at this same school.  She said, "Christina has been one of the biggest blessings I have ever had."  Now, my job is not difficult, but you do have to be very diligent and careful.  To me, I am not really doing anything to deserve to be called a blessing, but her words rang through my ears for the entire afternoon.  It really got me thinking.  God really does put us into people's lives to be a blessing to them.  It can be a simple act that may seem meaningless to you and you may not think for a second that you are a blessing.  When I think of the word blessing I think of something life-changing or highly influential, but really a blessing is defined as  

Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity; a boon

So a blessing is anything that adds to someones happiness.  You may never know who you are a blessing to, but remember you are a blessing to someone. You may only be in their lives for one hour, one year, or 20+ years.  I tend to forget this that a small act is a blessing to someone else.  I also tend to forget those small blessings in my own life.  My supervisor's words took me by surprise, but they were a nice reminder of how God can use me in even a small way to impact the lives of others.  So, how have you been a blessing lately?

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