Friday, June 10, 2011

Project 31 Day 5: You Make My Heart Come Alive

Day 5: Write a blog thanking someone who has made your heart come alive.
 Dear Husband,
You are the person that makes my heart come alive.  What a beautiful sentiment to know that my heart is alive, my soul is treasured, and I am loved whole-heartedly.  When I was just a teenager in high school Spanish class you had a way of making me laugh every day with your silly "Christina gum calls" and your unceasingly ability to make me smile.  Even though we did not start dating until two years later, I remember those small moments of joy.  They stick out in my mind and I cannot believe how lucky I am to be married to you.  

I am totally and completely myself and have never had to hide that from you.  I can reveal my heart to you and you take it and make it shine.  Even as my insecurities grip my confidence you have a way of making my heart flutter and feel secure.  You tell me daily that I'm beautiful and I love it when you look at me and say "you're so cute" or "I love it when you do that" even if it is some small nuance that I would never think twice about.  You accept my flaws and love me all the same.  When other couples look at us they can see our love for one another and I hope they see the love in your eyes when you look at me, I always do.  

I never thought I would marry my first boyfriend, first kiss, first love.  God has a funny way of sparing us from things we cannot handle and I know that heartbreak may be one of those things for me.  I know that God placed you into my life knowing that it would be one and done, as they say.  You are in my life to make me feel alive, to experience the joys of life with and to walk beside through the struggles.  I am so thankful for a husband that challenges me daily to grow deeper in faith, that I can walk hand-in-hand to church with, discuss faith with, and build our lives together on the Rock of Jesus.  It is difficult to explain the feelings I have for you and the way you make me feel, but know that you make my heart come alive and I would not imagine anyone more perfect for that job.  I love you with all of my heart and soul.  
Your Wifey
Wedding photos courtesy of JT Photography


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. It just brings tears rolling down my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing such a special letter. What a wonderful dream and love story designed and written by the Lord!

You two are a beautiful couple!
So thankful God's love is true and real.

Kristen said...

How beautiful! I love the mushy, squishy love stuff :-)

On a side note, I married my first love, too! Pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

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