Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project 31 Day 4: Style 31

Day 4.  Style 31.  Post a pic of you in your favorite outfit.

Well folks, if you haven't noticed it is Summer time, which means it is about 95 degrees here in NC.  During the summer I live in shorts.  It is way too hot for jeans.  That being said, white shorts are a necessity.  They make everything so clean looking and go with everything.  I also love this shirt because it is very lightweight and has a nice summery feel.  It reminds me of something I would wear on a cruise, if I ever have the opportunity.  Anyways, here you go, this is my favorite outfit (for the moment, it changes all the time).  The best part, every piece was bought on sale!  I love a good deal and rarely shop regular price.   

Shirt from the Limited on clearance

Shorts from American Eagle sale rack

Shoes from Marshall's
S0, what are some of your favorite items of clothing for the summer?


katyl said...

Yay! White shorts!

vintch said...

i love white shorts too! you look FABULOUS the summer i just live in dresses. they are so simple, breezy and comfy. i saw an interview with brooklyn decker once where she said, "everyone always thinks that my outfits must have taken forever to put together, but it's a dress! it's so simple! just one piece!"

simple is key for the summer:)

Megan Elizabeth said...

Those shoes are adorable! And the shirt is beautiful!!!

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