Sunday, July 29, 2012

We Heart the Olympics

I am so excited that the Olympics are here!  I love getting to watch all of the different sports that are not normally televised or the most popular.  These athletes are so amazing and talented and I truly admire them.  It is so awesome how one activity can bring the world together in a unified way.  I wish every day life could be like that.  I share my excitement for the Olympics with lots of friends and we got to share that love on Friday night for the Opening Ceremonies.  Our friends threw an Opening Ceremonies party, complete with dressing up.  It was so fun to cheer on the USA and welcome the games.  Personally, I thought the Opening Ceremonies were a little strange, but hey only my opinion.  We had a great time with friends and got to wear some pretty sweet shirts.  Even Brandon's broken ankle got festive :)   P.S. sorry for the photo quality, they are all from my phone

USA Badminton Team

The torch and the runner

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