Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Brando,  I am praying that your broken ankle heals quickly so that you can enjoy doing fun things again.   Being a hob-along is no fun for either of us.  Dear Piper, stop being such a hermit and come out of your kennel and play with me.  I am seriously considering getting you a puppy sibling to draw you out again. I miss your cuddles and cuteness. Dear house, please decorate yourself because I don't have enough patience, decision making skills, or money to do so.  I'm gonna need you to look like you belong on HGTV.  K?  Thanks.  Dear summer, please slow your roll.  You are going by way to fast for my liking.  I am not ready to deal with middle school drama yet.  Dear Ikea, thanks for putting our fave furniture line on sale this weekend.  Maybe I can get started on  decorating my guest bedroom after all.    Dear Diet, You are not working!!  I have worked out every single day this week and cut out sweet tea and dessert and fat and yumminess only to lose a grand total of 0.00 lbs.  Come on, at least give me a tenth of a pound.  Dear Piper (again),  I love that you talk to us (see video below).  You are seriously adorbsDear hubby (again),  I am seriously a blessed woman to be married to you.  Just thought you should know. 



Emily grapes said...

Aw, your doggy looks so sad. Why won't he come out? :(

That stinks you didn't lose anything this week. I'd make sure you're eating enough healthy calories, especially if you're working out a lot and of course loads and loads of water.
Came over from the linkup :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Jamie said...

I am the same way about decorating.

Jamie said...

I am the same way about decorating.

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