Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

I have seen several of these posts floating around the blogging world and I thought it would be a fun thing to join.  So here ya go!

If You Really Knew Me, You Would Know...

...I am the most indecisive person on the planet.
 I think it is a woman's trait in my family.  Get us together and we can't make a decision to save our lives.  It goes like this..."Hey, where do you want to eat?  Oh, it doesn't matter to me, you choose.  No, you choose."

...I hate vegetables.  
Seriously, the only vegetables I like are spinach leaves (like in a salad) and butternut squash (does that even count as a vegetable??)

...I love reggaeton, especially when I am working out.
Nothing gets me more pumped up while running than a little PitBull.  It brings out my gangsta side.

...I love speaking Spanish.
I have a minor in Spanish and studied abroad in Peru.  I love when I have an opportunity to speak it.  

...I am very sensitive.
I will cry at the drop of a hat.

...I hate taking my shoes off in a dressing room.  
I always try to stand on top of my shoes because the dressing room floors freak me out with all their germs and nastiness.

...I am a tomboy at heart.
I grew up playing softball and basketball and I love getting outside and doing adventurous things.  I don't get the opportunity enough.

...I am a hopeless romantic. 
Anything about love makes me melt.

If You Really Knew Him, You Would Know...

...He is the most patient person I have ever met.
He balances me out because I have the patience of a two year old.

...He will make up a song about anything.
He will walk around the house singing about a pot if you asked him to.  Hilarious.

...He spoils our puppy way more than I do.
I'm concerned for when we actually have human children.

...He is a nerd at heart.
He grew up playing in chess tournaments and was 2nd in the state at one point.

...Like any man, he loves watching football.
Every Sunday during football season is consumed with endless hours of football games.

...He has a knack for making people laugh and feel comfortable.
He will instantly be your friend.

...He makes the best french toast.
Every Christmas, chef Brandon cooks up a french toast feast.  Nom Nom.


Niken said...

oh god...i need to work on that indecisive too. but unlike you, i cannot blame the family trait for that

Anonymous said...

Butternut squash absolutely counts as a vegetable, haha!

And this is completely random, but it is such a small world! Saw that you were at Jenna's wedding over the weekend - I went to high school with her!

Catherine said...

Sweet post. I love that you did it for your hubby.

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