Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's Letters

Today I'm linking up again with Ashley for Friday's Letters.  She's great, you should go read her blog!


Dear TOMS, you smell so awful right now.  I think I am going to give you a bath before it reaches the point of utter embarrassment.  Dear Students, I am so blessed to be your counselor, but come on share the Christmas love.  All of your teachers got goodies, where's mine??  Dear Christmas Break, you are here, minus the training I have to go to on Monday and Tuesday, but you are here!!!  Thank God for two weeks off from pre-pubescent drama!  Dear Husband, please go get your hair cut.  The chrome dome is nice and all, but you are starting to look like a ragamuffin.  Dear Christmas foods, stop tempting me!  You know I have the willpower of a 2 year old.  I can't resist your pound cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and mouthwatering desserts.  Dear Bloggy friends, happy weekend!! 


Allison said...

Counselors definitely deserve goodies!! Enjoy your break and I'm with you on the Christmas foods...yikes!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Aww...i love the note from the students...too cute!

MacKensie said...

How cute! New follower!



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