Friday, December 23, 2011

DIY Deco Mesh Wreath

 So, as promised in my last post, we finished our wreath!  We bought the basic green wreath from Michaels for a low price of $12.50.  What a steal!  In order to spruce it up a bit we decided to go for the deco poly-mesh.  It is really popular right now and makes a fun and easy DIY project.  

Here's what you need:
  • 1 wreath- we bought a large one to go over our mantle.  It has full greenery around it, but you can just buy a frame or one with less greenery
  • 1 roll of Deco Poly-Mesh- we bought ours at a local Christmas shop for about $11.  It is red with metallic silver thread through it

That's it!  

1. Start on the outer ring of the wreath.  Pull out a little of the mesh roll, DON'T CUT!  use the greenery on your wreath to secure the end of the mesh.  Simply twist (like a twisty tie) two "branches" of greenery together around the end of the mesh to tie down.  

2. Gather the mesh together/pinch about 6-8 inches down to make a poof and secure with branches again.  

3. Continue to gather these poofs and secure them around the outer edge of the wreath.  

4. When you reach the starting point move to the inner ring of the wreath frame.  Try to position these poofs so that they are between the poofs on the outer ring.  This eliminates whole/gaps in the mesh on the two rings.

5. When you reach the end cut the mesh and twist tie the end down.  

6 TA-DA!  You have a beautiful wreath!  Ours only cost us about $25.

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