Monday, April 16, 2012

Will Power

Lately Brandon and I have been working on getting back into shape and eating right.  We have been making a conscientious effort to cut calories, go to the gym more often, and encourage each other in the area of physical health.  As a married couple we encourage each other emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, but not so much in the area of taking care of our bodies.  Brandon just completed an 8 week fitness challenge at our local YMCA and he did a amazing job.  The challenge was to go to the gym 4 times a week and try a new activities at least once a week.  I was so proud of him and he definitely saw the results.  He lost 8 lbs., cut 10% of his body fat, and added 20 lbs of lean muscle.  It has been amazing to see him so dedicated and it has definitely served as motivation to me.  I didn't officially take part in the challenge, but I did tag along with him unofficially. 

For me, it is more about being healthy.  Yes, I want to lose the weight and feel good about myself, but more than that I want my heart and soul to be healthy for years to come.  I also find this an exercise in will power.  The Lord created our bodies as a temple, but He also gives us free will to choose.  Normally, if I'm not going to a group exercise class, I find it extremely difficult to workout on my own in a vigorous manner that really makes a difference.  I am quickly finding that I need to push myself.  As a sit here in a sweaty stupor I reflect on what I just did.  I just finished running 3 miles straight and I never thought I would be able to run that far on my own will power.  The Lord has given us amazing bodies that we can decide to push.  It's all mental folks.  Your body can do so much more than you think it can.  It is overcoming your mental blocks to reach that potential.  As I continue to run and my legs start to ache I have to tell myself just one more minute.  Then I reach the minute and pick a new goal.  As Christ believes in us and sees our potential, we too need to see the potential in ourselves.  Not only is this about encouraging one another to stay fit, but it is an exercise in spiritual health.  Every day I have a new appreciation for these amazing bodies the Lord has equipped us with.  Now we just have to learn their true capabilities. 

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Erin said...

way to go, girl! i've been trying to do the same thing. takes work but is so worth it :)

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