Sunday, April 29, 2012

Being Content

Being content.  This is an area in my life where God is working on me.  You know how sometimes you realize an area of weakness in your life?  Well, I have had that realization lately.  I'm a very driven person.  I like to move forward, always looking ahead.  This is a good trait, but it can also be detrimental.  Propelling yourself forward can have benefits.  It can help you elevate your career, reach goals, and grow personally and spiritually; however, it can also cause discontent in life.  When I become so focused on the next thing I can become blind to the multitude of blessings the Lord has placed in front of my face.  For instance, I think about moving somewhere different or getting a second dog or buying a new car and on and on it goes.  You see what I mean?  I no longer give thanks  for my wonderful life, but instead of become discouraged and frustrated with my current status.  

I think about a sermon I heard by Christine Caine called Embrace Your Place.  God has placed each of us in a certain set of circumstances through which He intends to move through.  The only problem is, we as idiots, get bored and grow restless.  When I grow restless I become negative and complain instead of giving praise.  When I look around I see an amazing husband and family, an adorable dog that steals my heart, a perfect job, an emerging new group of friends, the Lord's provision abounds.  I do not notice.  I want to learn to embrace my place, to see the abundant amount of blessing that surrounds because this is the place the Lord has given me and I will be content with that.      


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Rachel said...

This is a great post and so true!

I've been thinking of ways that we can visually remember what God has done in our lives, especially for when the baby arrives. I think that sometimes helps us to remember that God is in control and that he provides what we need and when we need it.

Hope you're having a lovely day :)

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