Monday, April 2, 2012

Spending Time

This weekend the hubs and I headed off for a weekend for just the two of us.  Being married you see each other all of the time, yet you don't always spend quality time with one another.  The daily routine, work, cooking dinner, meeting obligations, and keeping up a home quickly interfere with the puppydog love, honeymoon phase of a marriage.  It is crucial that you invest in your spouse, take time to just be with one another and to enjoy life together.  It's often difficult to carve out this special time for one another and you get entranced in the rhythm of life that you don't take time each day to grow your relationships.  I was definitely starting to feel this way and it was time to get out of town for some QT, so we headed down to the ATL. 

We have always wanted to take a weekend trip to Hotlanta, but have never planned one.  Being that my school is on Spring Break, we took the opportunity to pack up our bags and head out for a weekend of fun.  I can tell you, it was so refreshing!  Just being in a new city was invigorating.  I love spending time with Brandon.  I mean really spending time together.  This probably resulted in me being a bad blogger because I didn't take pictures of every moment, but hey there are a few.  We ate candy, cuddled in a king size bed, and visited the many attractions that Atlanta has to offer. 

First we stuffed our faces at the original Chick-fil-a.  It was a Dwarf House, so they serve not only traditional Chick-fil-a dishes, but also other foods like mac n' cheese and cornbread.  It was so delicious!  

Then we checked into our wonderful hotel in midtown, which we booked off Priceline.  A 4-star hotel for cheap!  We changed clothes, and headed to Stone Mountain for some hiking and to enjoy the laser show.  Stone Mountain is a beautiful park with lots of activities.  We hiked to the top of the mountain and let me tell you, it was not an easy hike, but Brandon is an awesome motivator.  It was a really cool experience.  Once you make it to the top it is a 360 view of Atlanta and surrounding areas.   Then we checked out the laser show, which they project onto the side of the mountain while cuddling on a picnic blanket.

After a full day we were exhausted and headed back to rest up for a fun filled Sunday.  On Sunday, we headed to the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola.  The aquarium was amazing!  We saw the dolphin show where we got to sit on the second row of the auditorium.  Those creatures are incredible.  The aquarium is huge and it took us almost 4 hours to get through it all.  They have whale sharks, beluga whales, penguins, otters, and all kinds of sea animals.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  The World of Coke was also fun and we got a bottle of coke that was bottled right before our eyes.  We also got to try different coke products from around the world.  They even had Inca Cola from Peru, which took me back to the summer I studied there.  It was a great day!

It was a wonderful weekend, but my favorite part was spending it with my love.  Finding those moments to experience new things together and to nurture your marriage are so important and uplifting.  Even if you can't go on a mini vacay, find small ways to spend time together.  It will do wonders for you!

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Leslie&Michael said...

Love you two! And I seriously gotta go to that Chik Fil A!!! Michael and I are starting to plan our first weekend away since may have convinced me on Atlanta! Plus they have an IKEA :).

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