Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Honeymoon Link Up

Today I am joining Jena over at Recently Roached for a fun Honeymoon Link Up.  Whenever I think about my honeymoon I get so happy.  It was an amazing week with my new husband.  We wanted to take a memorable trip and decided on St. Lucia.  We stayed at the Sandals Grande resort and it was incredible.  Every time I look at the photos I cannot believe how relaxed and happy we look.  It was the perfect way to relax after the wedding and enjoy our first week of marriage.  It is a beautiful island full of adventurous activities, beautiful beaches that promote laziness, and service at your fingertips.  I cannot wait to go back one day.


Ziplining with George of the Jungle
Top of Pigeon Island.  Caribbean Sea to the right, Atlantic to the Left.

Drive in Volcano Tour

Mud Bath with the mud from the volcano

Botanical Garden, Diamond Falls

Town of Soufriere and the Piton Mountain

Sad to leave


Megan Elizabeth said...

i nominated you for the liebster award cause you're amazing. <3 http://allmylovemeg.blogspot.com/2012/04/three.html

. said...

So cute! :)
Let's go back nooow!

Anonymous said...

You have nice big tits. I would like to pump a load on them.

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