Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Aspirations for 2012

Here we are in 2012!  I really can't believe it.  2011 was a fabulous year, but I am excited to move into 2012 and see what the Lord has in store for us.  I am looking to make some resolutions for 2012,aren't we all, but I know that not all resolutions come to fruition, so I am calling them aspirations for sake of reality.  I have come up with 12 aspirations for 2012.

1. Make time to read the Word each day. This is part of our 21 Day Challenge which you can still join.  Today is the last day!

2. Make fitness and health a priority again.  Growing up, I was playing sports 3 seasons out of the year, but adulthood and marriage have had a negative impact on my waistline.  The Y and I are going to be best friends very soon.  Once again, you can join us in the 21 day challenge!!

3. Cook more.  Brandon and I have a terrible habit of eating out.  We spend so much money on it, it's really quite ridiculous.  Thanks to Pinterest, I am going to be a better wifey and find some yummy, but healthy recipes to cook.

4. Travel more.

5. Complete some home improvement projects.

6. Set a budget and stick to it.

7. Keep my house cleaner.  This is a big struggle when you live with Brandon and two pets.

8. More crafting.  Thank Pinterest!

9. Volunteer more.  Since I don't work over the summers I am going to try to volunteer during this time.

10.  Join a women's E-group (Bible Study).  We are already in a couple's group, but I want to join another group where I can be encouraged by other young wives and women of the Lord.
 11. Read more. 

12. Learn more about my camera and photography.

What are some of your aspirations for 2012??


Ashley Slater said...

these are all really great resolutions! this past year, my husband and I set a budget--- we also used the "envelope" system-- where we took out cash for eating out/entertainment and put it in an envelope and then when it was gone we COULD NOT use our debit cards to do anything else. and it really worked! so much so that we started doing it for groceries, clothing, etc. and because of that we paid off two credit cards, and it was awesome!

also, you will have more money to travel if you cut out the dining out! win-win! I love your goals surrounding faith too, because really--- those are the most essential and everything else kind of works itself out after that :)

great post!


Recently Roached said...

These are really great resolutions! :) I need to do basically all of these, too. My email is for the challenge!

lauren @ crazy ever after said...

I am with ya on 3, 6, and 7 for sure. In fact, I am hoping to write a few posts surrounding keeping a tidier home, organization in our lives, etc. If you'd like to contribute some ideas please feel free to send them my way. I have a few ladies who want to write some guests posts on how they hope to keep life more organized. I am pretty excited about it, and am hoping their ideas spur me into helping me keep a de-cluttered life.

amanda said...

I definitely agree with most of these! And your house is gorgeous!


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