Friday, January 13, 2012

Where I've Been

Sorry I haven't been very present this week in the blogging world, but I've been somewhere amazing.  No it wasn't a super exciting vacay.  I've been at church.  My church is hosting a 12 night revival called Code Orange Revival.  We have some of the best pastors in the world coming to our church to preach the Word.  I have been volunteering for the first three nights of the revival and it has been INCREDIBLE!  You can be a part of this too.  We are streaming the revival live on the Elevation Network.  Go HERE to join us in this incredible move of God.  You can catch the broadcast at 6:12 every weeknight and 4:12 on weekends through Jan. 22.  It is also rebroadcast at 10:12, 3:12 AM, and 12:12 PM.  So come on in!!  I will be back in regular blogging habits after the revival finishes!


Recently Roached said...

Awesome :) Sounds like a good place to be!

Ross said...

This sounds great! For sure I'm going to be checking it out! Your site is fantastic by the way.I'm stuck in bed after a couple of recent surgeries so I can't get to church like I would so online is the way to go right now until I get better. Thanks!

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