Tuesday, January 24, 2012

12 days

Hello there lovelies!  I'm back!  As you read, I have been involved with a 12 day old school revival with my church called Code Orange Revival.  It was 12 amazing nights of worship and hearing from the Lord from 12 amazing pastors from across the world.  Brandon and I had the privilege to volunteer for 9 of the 12 nights.  We serve as ushers and love it.  It is such an honor to be able to usher people into seats where their lives could be changed forever.  We had planned to serve 10 nights, but Brandon got sick for two nights and then we went to the experience with our precious E-group one night.  

We have 6 campuses, but only two were open during the week for the revival.  The pastors spoke live at one and it was simulcasted to the other in live time.  We served at the overflow campus.  I cannot even begin to describe the life change that occurred over these past 12 nights.  We baptized 205 people and had countless people accept Christ as Savior.  People camped out in the freezing temperatures and rain just to get a seat in the auditorium.  We prayed together, sang together, lifted our hands in worship, and hear the Word preached in so many different styles.  

Night one: Craig Groschel taught us how to be an idiot for Christ.

Night two: Jentezen Franklin taught us how to store up mercies instead of inequities so that future generations will be blessed.

Night three: Matt Chandler taught us that God is for God

Night four: Christine Cain taught us that our due date is not the same as God's appointed time

Night five: Ed Young taught us that Jesus is our life ring, but we have to pull so the house will be full

Night six: Israel Houghton rocked the house with his worship and taught us that the "atmosphere of expectation is the breeding ground for miracles"

Night seven: Perry Noble taught us that we are blessed because of the things we have seen and heard. Oh, and we baptized 204 people!

Night eight: Stovall Weems taught us that we have to create the space for God to fill and lay hold of the moments

Night nine: Kevin Gerald taught us that our right to choose is one of the greatest gifts God offers

Night ten: Bishop TD Jakes taught us that Jesus can touch us and we can reach out for Him

Yes, someone strung up a hammock to camp out

Night eleven: James McDonald taught us that Jesus is not only holy but holy, holy, holy

Night twelve: Pastor Steven Furtick taught us that we have to turn this moment into momentum, the best is yet to come

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I wish I had taken pictures, but I was trying to focus on the Word and on serving Christ and the guests that came to Elevation.  I am so lucky though that we have an amazing production team who put together an awesome video of the revival. 12 nights in 5 minutes.  Also, they are going to release the podcasts of all of the messages tonight!!  Go HERE to download them all for FREE. Overall, it was an amazing, life changing experience!  I love being a part of this move of God.

Code Orange Revival from Elevation Church on Vimeo.


Ross said...

Wow 204! Thank-you Lord! Sounds like this was a great time of worship, and it also sounds like the presence of the Lord was really thick.

Kate said...

I am glad to see such an interest in such a long stint of evening worship! So many would pass up such a wonderful opportunity to worship our Lord for a quiet evening at home after work.

Just found your blog and I look forward to reading more!


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