Monday, August 15, 2011

Travel Tales: Savannah

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I had a busy but great weekend.  On Thursday we traveled to Raleigh to move Brittany, my sister-in-law, into college.  I can't believe she is going to college!  She chose a great one though if I do say so myself.  Anyways, it was a day full of hauling all of her stuff up to the 8th floor in the NC heat, unpacking, organizing, and sweating, lots of sweating.

But, what I really want to tell you about is our trip to Savannah. After getting Britt all settled we jumped back in the car and headed down south for an anniversary weekend in Savannah, GA.  Neither of us had ever been there, so we decided to give it a go.  We got an amazing deal on a hotel in the historic district with Priceline.  If you have never used Priceline, you should, now.  With more than 50% off the hotel price in the heart of the city, we were thrilled to go to Savannah.
64 oz. of caffeine for $1, yes please
After a long and rainy 5.5 hour drive we finally arrived late Thursday night, exhausted.  On Friday we woke up to a beautiful view of buildings that date back to the 1800s.   Savannah is a beautiful city, rich in history.  It's so southern and I adored it.  We took a trolley tour of the city and learned some of the history.  We saw the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and marveled at its intricacy.  We got ice cream at Leopold's, one of the top ice cream shops in the world, and spent the evening watching massive boats sail into harbor on the Savannah River.

Saturday we headed to Tybee Island for a day in the sun and sand.  While hanging out in the water I saw something splash in front of me.  Now, I'm not an ocean person and anything that moves scares me, so I was terrified.  I kept staring wondering what in the world was in front of me.  A minute later I see a dolphin fin graze the surface of the water.  It was amazing!  100 feet in front of us a wild dolphin was swimming.  What a sight!  After heading back from the beach we took a nap and headed out for some yummy pizza and a quiet walk on the river front.  We got some slushies and sat by the water. 

Sunday was our first wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by eating lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant The Lady and Sons.  It was a southern buffet complete with fried and baked chicken, mac n' cheese, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and other deliciousness.  Dessert was banana pudding and peach cobbler.  After lunch we picked up some pralines and turtles to go from River Street Sweets and hit the road back home.  

We got home pretty early and decided to go to church for the second week of the Follow series because Brandon decided he wanted to be baptized!  He has been saved for a while, but has never been baptized.  On our one year anniversary he made this decision.  It was awesome to watch!  Overall it was a wonderful anniversary weekend.  Now I am starting orientation for my new job.  Welcome back to the real world Brown family.  


Steph said...

looks like y'all had so much fun!

we went to savannah to celebrate our two year anniversary:

we absolutely love it down there and are definitely going back. what did y'all think?

Suz and Allan said...

Savannah has been on our list of places to visit for awhile. I feel like it's one of those places you have to visit at least once. Looks like you guys had a perfect anniversary weekend!

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