Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy August

Can you believe it is August already? I certainly can't because it's our ANNIVERSARY month.  I am baffled to think we have been married almost an entire year.  So many things have happened over the last year, but that is for another post.  August is sure to bring some wonderful memories here in the Brown household. There are so many exciting things happening this month.  I will give you a short preview of what this month has to hold, but there will certainly be more detailed posts as the events unfold.  Let's take a look at what August has in store for the Brown family: 

1. My sister-in-law (Brandon's sister, duh) is going off to college!  Of course she is following in our footsteps and going to the best school ever!  We will be moving her into her dorm room in 10 short days.  Such a bittersweet moment, but we are excited for her to have the college experience.  

2. I am thrilled to announce that I got my first big girl job as a Middle School Counselor!  I am super excited, but also pretty nervous.  I will start in the middle of August.  I'm excited to have my own office and get to decorate it!  I just pray that the skills I learned in graduate school don't fail me now and that I can  make a difference in the lives of the students and in my school.  

3. I get to celebrate with the love of my life and reminisce about the best day of my life.  We also get to try our wedding cake for the first time, seeing as we didn't get to eat any at our wedding (besides the icing that went up my nose when he fed me).  Did I mention that I just adore my wedding gown and wish I could get married every August just so I can spend the day in it?  I mean how often do you find an article of clothing that makes you dance for joy in the middle of a clothing store?  On another note, we will also be taking a short vacation for our anniversary, so be on the lookout for those details a bit later :)

August is sure looking to be a pretty eventful month.  I'm sure it is going to continue to be HOT, but I would not trade this month for anything.  So happy August everyone!  What does you month look like?

P.S. send me those posts for the Footprints series!  I want to hear from all of you!


Liz Taylor Training said...

Sounds like an awesome month for you, can't wait to hear all about it! Good luck at your new job!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the job! You are going to be a wonderful counselor, very excited for you.

Also happy early anniversary. Love that photo of your dress. Beautiful!

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