Friday, April 8, 2011


Have you ever been somewhere with someone and you feel this intense feeling that God put you there for a purpose?  Well, I feel this way with my career.  Even though I am not a hired counselor yet (come on dream job!), I still have the amazing opportunity to work with students in my internship.  Today, I had a realization that this is what my calling in life really is.  I love being a counselor.  Not many people can say that about their jobs, but I truly feel that this career, this path allows me to use my spiritual gifts to impact people.  

While sitting with a student today I realized that I am in the position to make a direct and lasting impact on lives.  I have the privilege of sitting with young people in their pain and challenges.  Yes, that's right, I said privileged.  Sitting with someone in their pain means they trust me enough to hear their story, to be there when they are vulnerable, and to work through it with them.  Once, someone said to me (in a very condescending manner) "how are you going to share Christ when you can't talk about God in school?"  Well, here's my answer.  I am sitting with those in need when everyone else may leave.  I am showing them unconditional positive regard and genuine care.  Isn't this what Christ does for us on a daily basis?  I may not be able to talk about God, but I can show Christ's love through my actions.  I am privileged to be a counselor and I want to remember that each time I enter the room with someone.  I am privileged to be a counselor.     

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