Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Green Thumb Part 2

Today we tackled another gardening project, the area in front of our house.  This area was full of holly bushes, boxwoods, with a couple beautiful hydrangea plants scattered in between.  We decided to take out the holly bushes, so off to the Depot we went (again).  This time we set out to actually buy some plants instead of just wandering around aimlessly.  We decided to get two azalea bushes and two rose bushes.  When we got home we set to work, well Brandon did most of the work, but I cheered him on like a good wifey.  We also put the birdbath my dad brought us from my grandma's house in the center.  It was a fun day spent in the beautiful Carolina sun!  A little splash of color goes a long way and always brightens my day.  Now I can see it whenever I pull in the driveway.  

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