Sunday, March 11, 2012


I don't know if it is a result of getting older (yep soon to be 25...eeek), finding myself, increased awareness, or just plain weirdness, but I have noticed recently these little unique things about myself that make me laugh.  Not only me, but Brandon eats up these little quirks and he doesn't hesitate to jab at them (in a loving way of course).  But, here you go- some crazy quirky characteristics about me.

First, I am high-five impaired.  Seriously, I can't land a high five straight on to save my life.  Brandon makes me practice with him.  Yes, this is true.  Don't you learn to properly high five when you are like...say five??  It never works.  I'm self-conscious about it.  Every time someone raises their hand in gesture of a high five my stomach tenses and I get all nervous.  I'm like "just aim girl, just aim".  

Secondly, I cannot park on the right hand side of the car.  I always end up straddling the line of parking spaces.   I'm one of those cars that you just want to key their car because they are so incompetent, yes I am one of those, but only on the right side.  I can park pretty well on the left.  

I can't stand someone talking in my ear. Brandon will do this on purpose.  He will make it so his voice is low and sends the vibrations straight into my ear canal.   It sends chills down my spine.  Seriously, sitting here typing this makes me cringe.  Even for a while afterward I tense up and am afraid it will happen again.  Ew, shivers.  

These are just a few of my crazy quirks.  I giggle about them, but they make me who I am.  What kinds of quirks do you have??

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Hilary Anna said...

I love quirks! they make you unique! :)

Weird quirks about me:
1. I am really weird about balloons. I can't be around when someone is blowing up a balloon because I am terrified that it will pop. I will seriously have to leave the room if someone is blowing up a balloon.

2. I am also terrified of flying objects, specifically sports balls. I can't go to a baseball game without being OCD about watching the ball because I am convinced that it will come at me and knock me out. Same goes with golfing!

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