Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hey girls!  This one's for you.  One of my dear friends in my Bible study group has just started consulting for Thirty-One Gifts.  If you aren't familiar with Thirty-One they are a company that sells ADORABLE bags and accessories.  Their mission is to help women take time for themselves and to help women feel good about themselves.  Their company is based off of the scripture from Proverbs 31.  All that to say, I am hosting a party to help her get started!  Since you all live all over the place I am offering you the opportunity to attend virtually!  I am going to post the link for the new spring catalog and a link to where you can securely place an order.  I just bought my sister-in-law the Organizing Utility Tote and it is a great bag.  So useful and versatile.  Another great thing, you can monogram most any of the products for only $7.  So, take a look at the catalog and pick out something adorable.  Be sure to use the second link to place your order. 

1. Go HERE
2. Click Place an Order
3. Then click Shop Now beside my name
4. Order away!


Erin said...

this is awesome! had never heard of the brand before, thanks for sharing :)

rach. said...


PS: i freakin' LOVE your blog, girl! can't wait to read more! :)

love, rach.

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