Monday, March 26, 2012


Sorry I have been so absent on here lately.  I promise I'm not abandoning you, I've just had some serious writer's block, like really bad.  Anyways, a topic I have been thinking a lot about lately is friendship.  As a woman friends are critical.  Growing up, during your middle and high school years, nothing could come between you and your girlfriends.  They are the ones you told your deepest secrets to, the ones you danced around the kitchen at 2 AM with, and the ones who knew you better than you knew yourself.  As we get older the importance of friendship does not change, but the types of friendships do change. 

Whether we like to admit it or not friends don't always stick around, no matter how close you are to them.  People come and go, your expectations change, you change, and your life moves forward regardless.  I think especially when you get married you redefine your friendships.  I no longer run to my closest girlfriend to pour my heart out to, I turn to my husband.  Instead of planning my weekend around my friends, I plan to spend time with my husband.  Some people stick around for the ride and join in the change, while others jump ship.  

This doesn't mean that a married woman doesn't need friends, she certainly does.  Marriage just changes your friendships, whether we like it or not.  There are times when I yearn for my old best friends and that time of my life was amazing.  The Lord really blessed me with some great friends as I grew up.  Those women shaped part of my life and I am thankful for that.  Friends mold and shape us, they live life with us.  

The good thing is, the Lord's timing is perfect.  He knows exactly who we need in our lives at any given moment.  I can speak this through experience.  I know that my old friendships are not going to be brought back to their glory days, but I do know that the Lord is constantly moving.  As our lives change, the people are strategically placed at any given moment.  See, the Lord makes all things new.  I used to be in a really dark place in the area of friendship in my life.  I don't like to admit that, but it was a dark time of my life.  The good news, the Lord is working through and making friendship new in my life.  I can see him placing Godly women in my life and bringing me out of the darkness to a new point of light.  He is restoring my belief in friendship and I see a new purpose through it all.   

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Katie said...

Wow, I really needed to read this post right now. I've been thinking very similar things recently. It doesn't help that all my best girlfriends are scattered across the country, and I have not seen them since our wedding in July.

Thanks for the reminders in the last paragraph that everything is happening for a reason!


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