Thursday, July 7, 2011

Project 31 Day 8: Beauty Secret

Day 8.  Have a beauty secret?  Share, please!
Okay, so I really don't have too many beauty secrets.  I use basic products, which probably aren't the best for me, but that are affordable.  I could probably use your advice more than you could use mine, but here is one little trick I learned a couple of summers ago.  It is a little sensitive of a subject, but worth sharing.  So, you know after you shave your bikini area how those pesky, irritating bumps show up?  Admit it, we all struggle with this and find it incredibly annoying.  We are all grownups here.  We all want to find a remedy to this, right?  Here is one that someone told me about that has worked pretty well.  It is not a cure by any means but it helps.  DEODORANT!  So after shaving or waxing use a solid deodorant (like the one shown below) on the area.  One with powder is best.  This will help calm and soothe the area and hopefully cut down on the irritation.  I know this is not the best beauty secret, but hey, it has helped me, so I thought I would share.  So, what are some of your beauty secrets?  I would love to know.  Hope you all have a blessed day and that you are enjoying the summer!

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