Thursday, July 14, 2011

Expect Nothing Less

We all have expectations.  Expectations for ourselves, expectations for others, expectations for our futures.  The only letdown is...our expectations are not always met, or rather they are rarely met.  I hold myself to high standards in my actions, daily responsibilities, and most importantly in my relationships.  As most of you have heard, I pour myself into my relationships, probably to a fault.  It's one of those things where my high expectations are both a strength and a weakness.  They are a strength because I hold myself to a high standard as a friend, a wife, and as a person; however, they are a weakness because I also expect others to reciprocate this type of treatment.  I expect that when a friend is in need, small or large, that I will be there for them.  This is a standard I hold for myself, to unconditionally provide support whenever I am able.  I expect that I will give my all into my relationships and endeavors, whether that is in my career, volunteering on Sunday mornings, or just loving on my family.  

I hate to say it, but as I am growing as an adult I am quickly realizing that my expectations for others are often fallen short of.  It makes me wonder...are my expectations too high, are they unable to be met?  The more I think and process this I realize that it is important to have expectations.  You set your own standards based on your wants and needs, but more importantly based on what Christ wants for you.  Expectations help you keep a standard, so that the people you allow into your life are people of high caliber.  They are people who want to invest in you, who hold similar expectations.  God wants the best for each of us and wants us to choose wisely.  Expectations create a filter for us to choose relationships that bring us to a higher level, that cause us to raise the bar for ourselves.  When we have high expectations it is not the intent to be snobby or snooty, but rather to create an environment where you can continue to grow.  These expectations also help you fill your life with people who will not let you down because if they cannot meet your expectations (as long as they are realistic, mind you), if they cannot meet your needs then they will only lead to disappointment.  Those that do meet your expectations, who meet your needs, hold them close, cherish them.  So, keep those expectations.  Trust your instincts when it comes to setting, modifying, and raising your expectations.  For expectations define our relationships and bring us to the level that Christ expects for each of us.         


Jess said...

I love this post. This has been a recent struggle of mine that I continue to walk and think through daily. I love your perspective on it and I want to thank you for being so honest. I needed that.

annie said...

I love this post... As you know from my own blog, this is something I've been struggling with lately. I want to maintain my "high" expectations, even when I'm disappointed. And I also know that in some cases, I just need to stop being so hard on people, too. It's definitely a fine line... I'm glad to know I'm not the only one muddling through. :)

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