Wednesday, July 27, 2011

High Class Problems

A while ago at my church Pastor Steven Furtick talked about high class problems.  You know those problems that present themselves as so urgent, so stressful, so crucial.  The truth is many of our problems are high class problems.  They aren't really problems at all.  Like, not being able to decide between steak and ribs for dinner and so you get stressed out because you can't decide what to cook.  When you think about it, people all over the world are asking themselves "will I be able to eat tonight".  High class problems.  

When I think about what I get stressed over I feel foolish and selfish.  For example, just yesterday I had a breakdown.  A stress breakdown over a HIGH class problem.  On Monday, I got a call from a principal saying that she was recommending me to HR for hire as a school counselor.  Wonderful, right.  I was super excited, thrilled really.  Then today, another wonderful school calls and leaves a message.  I know they are calling for the same reason, to recommend me for hire.  I was so torn and confused that I called my mommy like a baby and had a breakdown.  Decision-making is not my forte and I hate making crucial decisions like this.  I called Brandon and he said "baby, this is a good problem to have".  

What a needed reminder of how good we all really have it.  Thanks hubby.  I mean really, two jobs wanting me and here I am crying and freaking out.  I know I was just overwhelmed with this crucial decision, but honestly, I need to consider the severity of my dilemmas before reacting to them.  I want to focus on the blessings of my situation.  The Lord's blessings are abundant and flowing in my life and my decision-making skills are not up to par to sort through them all.  High class problems, friends.  They surround me and infiltrate my life, clouding my vision and blinding me to the blessings.  I pray that I will be more aware of the degree of my dilemmas and be able to react with grace and humility.  I want to be more aware of the good things in life and focus on reacting to those instead of reacting to the minute issues that arise that, really, in the scheme of things aren't problems at all.          


Megan Elizabeth said...

this is awesome girl! so much truth! I tend to get far to over whelmed with simple problems over look so many blessings! thanks for this post!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

what a great reminder to be focus on all the good things in our so easy to focus on the negative! Great too that you have people around you to remind you:-)

Anonymous said...

This is a great reminder of what to focus on!

Thanks for this post.

Laura Darling said...

I've heard that quote before, and I love it! Great reminder!

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