Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Randomness

I have a hodge podge of little things I want to share, so here is a little randomness. 

I have my first big-girl job interview tomorrow.  It is for a high school counseling job and I am nervous, excited, blessed, terrified, unsure, confident, praying, optimistic, hoping, anxious, waiting, preparing, etc, etc.  It is so intimidating to enter an interview with people you know are judging you, but I feel confident that if it is the right place for me then it will all work out.  So any prayers would be greatly appreciated.  I just pray that I can be myself and let my passion shine.  I know the Lord has the perfect place for me. 

Here is one of the cutest videos ever.  Our little Piper gets the hiccups quite often and it is so adorable.  She is the master of puppy eyes too, they will melt your soul.  This little video showcases both of these adorable qualities.  So enjoy!  Also, Brandon is seriously wanting to adopt a second puppy.  I can't decide if this is a good idea or a bad idea.  I mean I love dogs, but two in our little house, I don't know about that.  p.s. Piper is becoming way too much like a child to me, it's pathetic, but endearing at the same time.  

This weekend was full of mild injuries.  My mom and I drove down to the beach to visit my sister for the weekend.  Now, I am a redhead so sunscreen is a must.  Therefore, I slathered on the SPF 50.  FIFTY!  I still managed to get a miserable sunburn on my chest and belly and an odd-looking sunburn at that.  Oh the joys of being a redhead.  Then on Sunday, I had my weekly softball game.  First play of the game a lefthanded batter steps up to the plate.  I was playing second base, so I knew he was going to pull it to the right side.  Next thing I knew a super hard hit grounder comes speeding my way.  I couldn't get my glove down fast enough and POP it hits my ankle at full speed.  The picture doesn't really show the bruise too well but my ankle is swollen and a nice shiner has developed complete with the seams from the ball.  Such is the life of a softball player.  It was all worth it though because the next time he stepped up to the plate I backhanded his line drive and he was OUT!  I also randomly pulled the muscle behind my shoulder blade.  Standing on the field all of the sudden I felt it tweak.  Has anyone else ever pulled this muscle?  It stinks. 
Here is my only picture from the beach because I forgot my camera at home, so this is a phone picture.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my Monday morning randomness.  And, remember to send me your posts for my guest series Love and Marriage.  Have a lovely Monday!


Jess said...

Praying for you tomorrow! I'm sure you will be fantastic, friend! :)

Jennifer Rod said...

counseling job! nice. i always wanted to do that. praying it goes great!

vintch said...

so, so true. a great life is built on little occurrences. one by one, they add up to happiness, and you realize they were the big things:)

The Soul Anchor said...

That sounds like a great job! If it's what's best for you, I sincerely hope you get it. I think school counselors can be so valuable.

I'm interested in your new blogging series! Can unmarried people participate or is it centered on marriage?

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