Monday, March 21, 2011

The Daily Affirmation- Reblogged


My friend Katy over at Uncertainty Reduction Theory blog just posted this video.  I have to repost it here because I love it and I find it so encouraging.  If a little girl can feel this good about herself and pronounce it to the world, can't we all the do the same?  A simple thing as going through what we like in our lives can make a world of difference.  I find myself, all too often unfortunately, focusing on what I am lacking or what I don't like about myself.  It is much more uplifting to take a positive view of life and recognize how good we truly have it.  I am going to take a lesson from Jessica and try to focus on what I like in life for the next week and see how it transforms my life.  I love being inspired!!  
Here's my list for today:
1. "I can do anything good"
2. I love my husband.
3. I love my family.
4. I love my church.
5. I can finish these school projects!!!


katyl said...

do you love your haircuts like jessica? i think that's my favorite thing she says haha

Christina said...

I love my haircuts and my moms and my dads hehe :)

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