Sunday, August 12, 2012


It has come that time of year where I will be heading back to work soon. Last year being my first year on the job, I really didn't have a whole lot of time to decorate my office. This year I am starting early and trying to put my personal touch on it. I want it to feel warm and inviting for the students, so I wanted to use quotes and bright colors. I am a big DIY fan and found a great way to showcase a quote on Pinterest, so I decided to use it. I found the inspiration hereIt was a fun and easy project.

What you will need:
Canvas-  Mine was 16X20
Staple gun
Fabric a little larger than your canvas
Letter stickers
Acrylic paint in your favorite color
Paint brush
A favorite inspirational quote

1. Staple your fabric to the cavas.  Make sure it is snug and the corners are flat. 

2. Use the letter stickers to put your quote on your fabric covered canvas.  I had some dead space so I used these flower stickers as well. 

3. Paint over the entire cavas, stickers included.  Also paint the edges of the cavas.

4. Let your paint dry.  Once dry, peel the letter sticker up.  The letters will be in the fabric now. I didn't pull up my flower stickers because they were too delicate, so I left them for texture.

There you have it!  Your very own quote wall art.  Some of the paint did bleed up under the stickers, but hey, it shouldn't be perfect :)  This will go in my office next week.

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