Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Workout Plan

I am vowing to get in better shape this summer.  I have reached a point, where I can't take it any more.  I think if I put it on here, I will be more likely to do it.  You all can keep me accountable.  So here we go, my summer workout plan:

Mondays: Zumba Class-  I love doing Zumba.  It makes me feel sexy and I have a ton of fun.  It is great to be able to let loose and just have a good time.  Plus, it is a great workout, burning almost 500 calories per class.

 Tuesdays: Step Aerobics- I also love step aerobics.  The choreography is challenging for your body and your mind.  You burn about 540 per class.

 Wednesday: Toss Up Day (I pick)-  I will use Wednesday to do whatever workout I want.  Whether that be running, going to a class, etc.

Thursday: Running or Step Aerobics- I recently have increased my mileage running, so I am anxious to continue to challenge myself.

Friday: Abs and Cardio Strength Classes- I am going to focus on toning on Fridays.  I have never been a huge fan of weightlifting, but I know it is crucial to reach my goals. 
 My goals for this summer is to lose 15 lbs, at least, and to increase my lean muscle mass.  Overall, I just want to be healthy and get back in shape.  What are your workout plans for this summer?  I would love to know!


Rachel said...

Wow! Good plan! I also am intentionally working on getting in shape this summer. My current plan involved Pilates DVDs (cheaper than classes :P ) and biking several times a week. Biking is by far my favorite--you actually get to go somewhere when you're exercising!

Jess said...

Girl, good for you! I love me some Zumba and also keep in shape by having long walk dates with friends and yoga. Hope you reach your goal, but I'm sure you will with that sort of schedule.

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