Tuesday, June 26, 2012

San Diego Part 2

So we left off on Monday at Sea World.  Here's the rest of our photo tour, enjoy!

Tuesday: We went on a trolley tour through San Diego and hit some major spots, including Balboa Park, eating our way through Little Italy, and Old Town.  To be honest, the trolley tour was not the best I've been on.  The trolleys didn't follow the time schedule and we ended up missing some of the sights, which resulted in me yelling down the street after we missed three trolleys in a row because they weren't on schedule.  Of course, Brandon made fun of me the rest of the week for it.  However, Balboa Park is stunning.  So pretty!

Wednesday: This was one of my favorite days!  We went to the zoo!!  You all know that San Diego is famous for it's zoo and it did not disappoint.  I love how natural feeling it is and how many different exhibits there were.  It was fabulous!

Thursday:  This was the day I had been looking forward to for a long time.  We went to La Jolla and kayaked the sea caves.  I love doing outdoorsy things and was excited to try sea kayaking.  The conditions weren't stable for us to actually go in the caves, but it was still a fun experience.  After kayaking, we explored La Jolla.  Their shores are beautiful.  Sea Lions and Seals are all over the place and will come right up to swimmers in the coves.  It was awesome to see all of the wildlife. 

Overall, our trip was amazing.  San Diego is a wonderful city with so many different things to do.  Where are you all traveling this summer??

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Leslie&Michael said...

Ya'll are cute! Looks like a fun trip...jealous of the kayak day! Miss you!

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