Friday, May 13, 2011

How Great is Our God

Three summers ago I was backpacking through the Andes mountains, trekking the Inca Trail, camping above the clouds, climbing the hills of Pisac, watching the sunset slowly over the looming hills, and I was in a whole 'nother world.  I was in magnificent Peru, taking in the country, the fabulous scenery, the culture, our Lord's wonderful creation.  

Words cannot explain the Andes mountains.  They are mystifying, magical, surreal.  The size is incomprehensible.  They stand tall and stretch towards the heavens.  They reach above the clouds and were made to glorify their Creator.  While staring in awe of this creation I could not help but think, if the Andes are this big, how big is our God?  Staring at the Milky Way on the top of the mountain I thought about the size of the universe and that God is bigger than the Andes, bigger than the universe.  If He can set the Andes in place from His hands and paint a sunset with the sky as His canvas what can he do in my little life?  God's power is unimaginable and our potential is usually untouched.  Our God is higher than any other, bigger than anything here on Earth, larger than the Andes mountains.  Standing 14,000 feet above sea level I realized I cannot be afraid to trust God to do big things in my life.  The creator of the Andes, the maker of the stars and heavens loves me and sees me as His most valuable creation.  My little life is bigger than the Andes mountains and I have to trust the Lord to do big things through me.  I have to desire that Andes be built in my life.  


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Leslie&Michael said...

I like that my feet made the blog! :)

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