Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

Anticipation of a big snow started over the weekend.  Watching the Weather Channel diligently we knew that it was on it's way.  Monday morning we woke up to a white apartment complex and covered roads.  Because CMS likes to torment people, they didn't cancel school until 5 o'clock that morning.  Brandon woke up at his normal time to go to work but decided to stay home because you couldn't even see the roads.  After curling back into bed for a few hours we got up for a day together.  I made us some banana chocolate chip waffles for breakfast then we headed out to scan the territory.  Our goal was to make a snowman, which I think we sort of accomplished.  We had a great time attempting the snowman and laughing at our finished product.  Squatty the snowman survived a few hours until some naughty teenagers kicked him over.  It snowed for the majority of the day then turned to freezing rain overnight.  Yesterday the conditions were really icy and Brandon reluctantly made the drive to work while I curled up with my textbooks and some tv on the DVR.  Last night we lost power for about an hour and filled the time by playing cards in the candlelight.  Internship and class were also canceled today, so I plan to go to the gym then get some more reading done for school next week.  Overall it was a fun snow, but real life and routine are calling us all back from the holiday hangover.  

Squatty the Snowman

Curled up with Charleigh watching the snow come down

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