Sunday, December 26, 2010

Married Christmas

We have been looking forward to our first married Christmas for awhile and now it has come and gone.  We had a wonderful eve and Christmas day together and with both of our families.  On Christmas Eve we went to Elevation Church's always awesome Christmas service with both of our families.  The service was complete with break dancing, light shows, and some amazing worship.  Following church we went to one of Brandon's friends traditional get-together and then it was off to the Frick's house for Christmas with my extended family.  We had a great Christmas Eve and were anticipating our first Christmas morning together.  Over the past few days we have had to negotiate our very different traditions including a very detailed conversation on how to both stuff and open stockings.  Brandon always had his stocking stuffers wrapped.  Well, Santa never wrapped mine.  Also, he opens his stocking last, we always did it first thing.  Furthermore, he always took the stocking down and over to the couch to unpack it while I stood at the fireplace to sift through the goodies.  It is very interesting how engraved these small Christmas details become and we don't think there is any other way of doing things.  We began our Christmas morning with Brandon's famous french toast then proceeded to opening our stockings.  We continued on to gifts and enjoying what each had thoughtfully bought for the other.  Charleigh even enjoyed her presents and some special food for Christmas morning.  After our morning together we headed to the Brown house to have Christmas with Brandon's family where we had some delicious appetizers and lots of gifts.  Last, we went to my family's house to celebrate with them with a steak dinner.  We even had a white Christmas for the last two hours.  Both of our families spoiled us and showered us with too many presents.  We are grateful to have such blessings in our lives.  Christmas truly is a season to be grateful and to practice the gratitude that Christ commands we all have.  The greatest blessing we are able to share; however, is the birth of our savior who was the greatest Christmas gift known to man.  As I watch the beautiful snow continue to fall outside my window, I am thankful to have a loving God who sacrificed so much so that I may enjoy this wonderful season with a sweet and loving husband and generous families.  Merry Christmas everyone!  We hope yours was as special as ours.

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