Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wolfpack in the House!!!!!!!

For the fourth year in a row the wonderful Wolfpack have taken it to those tarholes!  What a joyous occasion it is when the Pack take out those bow tie wearing, searsucking, trust fund loving, overly obnoxious crap balls known as the Carowhina Tarholes.  Brandon and I watched the game at my parents house, which is notorious for its bad juju when it comes to viewing the games; hence the results of watching the ECU and Clemson games there.  Reluctantly, we agreed to give it another chance.  The game started off rocky,but I found the solution to overcome the bad luck in the house.  By the end of the game the Frick's and the Brown's were all on the floor watching the game.  I started the trend and lo and behold T.J. Graham runs it back for a TD! haha!  The rest of the family followed suit and sent the good juju to the Pack for the big W!  There is little I love more than a Wolfpack taking out a ram. Next stop...Maryland for a shot at the ACC Championship game in Charlotte!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the News & Observer.

For all my Wolfpack family out there: Some Highlights

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