Monday, November 1, 2010

Charleigh Brown

Meet the newest edition to the Brown Family!  On Saturday we went to the pound and rescued this sweet kitten.  She is a 2.5 month old gray tabby and is full of life and personality.  We really want a dog eventually, but right now a cat is a better fit for our lifestyle and for our apartment.  Brandon always wanted to name her Charleigh, but I was not so sure.  Of course we are both very indecisive so we went with the easiest way possible.  We put all of the names we were considering into a bowl and drew.  We narrowed it down to four names and then drew again and the first one to be pulled twice was the winner.  Lo and behold, Charleigh came out, so it must have been meant to be.  She is affectionately Charleigh Brown or Charleigh B.  She is spoiled already and is a lot of fun.


1 comment:

vintch said...

Christina! Charleigh is ADORABLE:) Pets are the greatest! Enjoy loving on yours! Miss you!!

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