Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Week!

I know I have been quite absent on here lately, but I have been super busy.  I hope you all haven't forgotten me!  The reason for this post is simple.  Happy National School Counseling Week!!  If you know a school counselor please take a minute to give them some encouragement and affirmation.  I am so incredibly blessed to be a school counselor.  I get to build relationships with students that are different than any other adult in the building.  I love being able to serve students and be there in their times of need.  The down side of the job is that sometimes the work we do goes unnoticed, but today I received some affirmation from my students and the teachers I work with.  It is so nice to feel that that the work you do is making a difference.  So, for all the school counselors out there, I appreciate you and am so happy to share this wonderful profession with you!!  You make our world better!

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